For all who weren’t there … #hive12 Blogger Pad to buy!

sisterMAG Blogger Pad

When we decided to be one of the sponsors of “The Hive” (it still sounds a little weird to my ears ;), along came the responsibility to think about a goodie we could put in the bag which each participant was given when entering the conference. Since there were a lot of renowned sponsors (such as Dawanda, Dove, Kleiderkreisel or 9flats and, we wanted to provide something unique and relevant to all bloggers. What we came up with was an A5 sized blogger pad.

sisterMAG Blogger Pad

What? You don’t know what this is supposed to be ;)? Well, it is a notepad with all the things you need as a blogger:

  • Scheduling post ideas with a little weekly blog calendar in the left top corner
  • Jotting down ideas for blogposts, designs, categories or your new craft shopping list on the large whitespace on the right
  • Have a quick HTML Cheat Sheet always next to you to design the texts of a post just as you want them

I myself find such cheat sheets incredibly helpful and I was relieved to see that many bloggers did not know all the HTML terms by heart (which would have made the pads obsolete ;).

sisterMAG Blogger Pad

We do realize that showing the pads is not fair to all of you who couldn’t attend the conference. This is why we have set up our first Dawanda Shop (soon to be partnered with an Etsy shop), where you can BUY OUR PADS here for 3€ + shipping.

We hope you’ll like them and have fun with these pads. Many greetings from your sisterMAG

sisterMAG Blogger Pad

“The Hive 2012″ – Our Presentation

Don’t worry, there is only one more “Hive”-related post queuing in my head, but as you have probably noticed following the participants’ blogs and tweets, there was a lot to digest and post about.

Toni and I were very very lucky because we were allowed to speak during the conference. Our presentation was already the second of day 1, which is always a good thing, because you can relax afterwards. Since we’ve had spotted Jeanette’s talk about “Online Magazines” in the schedule beforehand, we decided to speak more generally about publishing and media. Actually this topic has been on our agenda for a long time, because we are constantly discussing how the media landscape is shaping and where it will move to.


Due to a really sweet eMail I got, I sat down in the morning and recorded our presentation again. I am sorry for any bad grammar mistakes in my English, a few slips of the tongue and that it is only me you can listen to ;). Below you’ll find the recording – we also inserted comments, so you can follow where one slide is turning to the next one (little squares at the bottom of the audio timeline).

Hope you’ll enjoy! Yours, Thea

“The Hive 2012″ – Business Card Favourites

Another thing which is “just better” when going to a blogger conference than any other conference: the business cards. There were a lot of very creative and thoughtful ones, whether they were handmade or printed with one of the many printshops on- and offline. Toni and I also collected as many business cards as possible and had a wonderful hour back at home. We had a look at each of the blogs again, we sorted them by size and talked about which ideas we found the most intriguing. A little gallery of our favourite ones you’ll find below.

There was Sarah from vlogaboo, who uses a photo slide or Sophie from Great Britain. She writes the blog Hidden Blossom and had a massive pile of old (original!) photographs with her. Each of them was embellished and handwritten – what an amazing effort she put in these!
Or Eleni from myparadissi, who first printed her cards and added pastel-coloured paint splatters – thus each card was still a little different from another. Anna from Anna Sterntaler also had taken the time to sit down and make little tags herself – we loved them and took one anyway although we certainly know how to contact Anna ;)!

Shortly before the conference was over we were lucky that Dunja from Wunderschön gemacht came over. She did not only give us one card but 10 (!) postcards with photographs taken by her. Thank you so much for those!

Design-wise we also really liked the card from currystrumpet, who we are looking forward to meeting again in Amsterdam! Great colours and a really nice motif, be sure to check out her blog, which is also really well designed! Anne’s (Anne’s Kitchen) I loved because of the possibility to choose one from her many motifs (possible because of moo cards) – I love this macaron shot! Emily’s card is just witty, because they taught you different phrases in Irish – she is an expat living in Dublin and writes the blog From China Village.

Last but certainly not least the mini transparent bags from Almalu’s Place. Once taken out you were welcomed by a little splash of cut-out red hearts. And even the final touch of a piece of masking tape was colour-coordinated.

We are sure there are so many more we’ve either missed because we didn’t have the chance to collect them or because I had to choose only a few. What was your favourite business card? Perhaps you are also writing about them on your blog, then please leave a comment! We would love to see them!

Yours, Toni & Thea

“The Hive 2012″ – Recap of Day 2

On this sunny and warm Tuesday many of you may have come home again or are on their way back, maybe even sitting in their offices again. We hope that you are walking as loped and happily as we are, still smitten from the impressions and talks of the last weekend.

Sunday just continued to be really interesting and thought-provoking. Anxiously the presentation of “Freunde von Freunden” was anticipated (*hehe* – no wonder in a room almost full of girls and women ;) about the story of their book publication, their attitude towards the site and the amazing success of their concept.


While there were workshops about photography, food and screenprinting going on downstairs, the presentations continued on the fourth floor (and yes, we always had to take the stairs – no lift!). Toni and I were mostly divided, so we could take some input from all the speakers.

Oum from “Un blog, une maman” shared a lot of practical tipps how to grow your readership, whereas Toni followed Lindsay’s (“Lost in Cheeseland”) ten tipps how to bring together your real life and blogging. Since they were really helpful and Toni was a vivid tweeter, we wanted to show them to you here. Thank you Lindsay @LostNCheeseland, we’ll definitely try to follow your steps:

  • Tip 1: Make an editorial plan, helps to create a structure for bloggers and readers
  • Tip 2: Identify wasted time and fill it
  • Tip 3: Write when you’re most on your game, e.g. early in the morning, least expected time – don’t force
  • Tip 4: Pay attention to signals, e.g. don’t take on too much, care about your health
  • Tip 5: Take time to disconnect, e.g. do things not connected with digital life
  • Tip 6: Unplug for a day, be offline for a day
  • Tip 7: Accept your strengths and weaknesses
  • Tip 8: Set a cut-off time, a distinct time when you stop doing Internet-stuff
  • Tip 9: Work on prioritzizing, you can’t do everything at the same time
  • Tip 10: Don’t beat yourself up, accept times you’re “off the blog” – doesn’t necessarily hurt you’re blog

While Toni was listening to the amazingly talented photographer Marika from “tonbogirl” about Street-Style-Fashion-Photography, Eleni (“My Paradissi”) explained in the arena, where to find original content and pictures and how to compose them in aesthetically pleasing posts. One look at her blog always shows me, that the Greek architect really has a wonderful eye for style and composition.

We were very much looking forward to the presentation of Emily, since we’ve had been talking to her at the very very beginning of the conference (“From China Village”). And she succeeded – which isn’t that easy – to hold a sweeping speech about creating a DIY tutorial. Especially her slides caught your eye, because she had photographed them herself, illustrating the structure of her presentation in a very creative way.

Emily ("From China Village")

The last one to speak was Anne (“Prêt à Voyager”) about “Blog Etiquette” and how to handle negative comments on your blog. Since I’ve been following her work for Wayfare-Magazine and her blog for a while AND she had input from a lot of amazing bloggers from all over the world in her speech, I was really smitten with her presentation. You can find a full recap of her presentation on her blog.

Anne ("Prêt à Voyager")

Soon after the wrap-up you quickly noticed: no one really wanted to leave. On the fourth floor there were still little group of people chatting for half an hour, group pictures were taken, business cards were quickly dug out and hugs exchanged. I didn’t want to part either, for example from Maja (“mulipuli”), which I met for the first time this weekend, but with whom I had eMail conversations before. I cannot wait to see her feature in sisterMAG N°3! Or to meet and talk to Nicole from “In Colorful Waters” – here she is in deep talk with her outfit sister of the day Doranna. I was also especially thrilled to finally meet Sybille from the popular DIY magazine “Funkytime”. She is indeed as colourfully dressed and creative as you would expect from her blog and work and we are so much looking forward to the creative exchange with her in the future.
An acquaintance I was lucky enough to already know from before is Ashley from “Chasing Heartbeats”. The American lives for a few years in Germany and just moved to Berlin a few months ago. She agreed to meet me for breakfast in March and let me just say: her pictures (she is a photographer), her style, her attitude – we love her and are excited to work together in the future.

New and old friends

At the end we were interviewed by the crazy and very very nice “Diamond of Tears”, who is a video blogger on Youtube. As it always ends up: in the end five of us were still standing on the yard of Betahaus and started talking. And I am SO glad! If not I wouldn’t have had the chance to really talk to Julianne from “Fröken Skicklig”. Julianne is originally from Berlin (which she showed us later on with a mini historical tour through Mauerpark) and now lives in Sweden. The studied actress produced under the label of “Fröken Skicklig” dolls – the most adorable and beautiful dolls I’ve seen in a long time! I would love to now write a whole story about her, her ideas and the background stories of her dolls, but I do think I rather contain myself – it’s worth a whole portrait!
And I do not want to forget our two other “companions”: the wonderful Brittany from “The House That Lars Built” and Anna from Dawanda and the blog “Anna Sterntaler”. Brittany is an American expat living in Copenhagen, successful blogger and designer who has already worked with and for  Oh Happy Day, Brooklyn Bride, Chalkboard Mag, design*sponge, Styled Mag oder Kinfolk Magazine – an absolute idol for me. And she proved to be not only creative and nice, but interested and curious in all sorts of things. Last but not least Anna, who is a dear friend in Berlin. She does not only dresses most colorfully but we always have the feeling that she holds together the German blogger szene through her humorous air, curious mind and many contacts. As always: a pleasure to chat!

At the end, little Luzi (Toni’s car) took us through Berlin back to Prenzlauer Berg, where we (as mentioned) took a mini tour through Julianne’s childhood along the wall, before we parted from them. See you next time in Berlin and 100% on Twitter!

Courtyard talking

Yours, Toni & Thea

“The Hive 2012″ – Recap of Day 1

The Hive 2012 Berlin

We are tired. We are exhausted. We haven’t talked that much in weeks. But we are also overly thrilled and are having a warm & fuzzy feeling about the last days which lay behind us. “The Hive” has ended and it really was amazing! One funny thing about the blogosphere: each blogger you follow and whose style you admire becomes a little bit of a celebrity to you. When meeting them, they may feel the same way about you and in the end you realize how amazingly you connect and that you’re both very much flattered by each other ;). Bloggers honor each other and that is such a good basis for conversation.

The Hive 2012 Berlin

The two days were filled with talks and presentations. Toni and I were holding a speech ourselves on day 1, we’ll have a recap on that on sisterMAGb log in the next days. Beforehand we really want to share some of the other speeches we heard and people we met. We hope not to forget anyone, so lets start:

After Peggy, Yvonne & Radostina opened the doors to Betahaus Berlin, the day started with a talk from Hauptstadtmutti (which were contributors to sisterMAG N°1 p.244 – thank you so much for including our collaboration in your speech!). That morning was a little daring to us, since our presentation took place at 10:45 am. As a bit of strivers (we admit) we were very nervous and practiced beforehand.
Thus, we only really could follow the presentations in the afternoon, including Ina about legal problems, Yvonne (Girl in the Laundromat) about Social Media and a really great presentation from Angelika (Reisefreunde) about blogs and PR.

The Hive 2012 Berlin

The last talk of the day we all looked forward to, because the lovely Jeanette from FRYD Design talked about Online Magazines. Her own mags (Fryd on – three issues) feature her photography and unique eye for detail. Jeanette makes all of the photos and mags herself – asked whether she gets lonely and isolated, she confidently answered: “No, not at all.” and you totally believed her and could imagine her thoughtfully planning the issues in her Scandinavian home.

The Hive 2012 Berlin

Of course there was a lot of talking and connecting all day. Thus, in the end of day 1, we were asked by lovely Sarah from vlogaboo (she has the most amazing business card ever … we’ll show you next week) to give an interview about the idea of sisterMAG. We ended up having a lovely talk with her about all the places around the world, where she has lived. What an inspiring (but restless *hihi*!) woman!

The Hive 2012 Berlin

In the evening another get-together at Cosmo Hotel (Leipziger Straße) took place.
Now let us go to bed and come back for the recap of the second day tomorrow!
Yours, Toni & Thea