Contributor Profile: Louise de Miranda

Louise is a 38 year old Author and lives in a small town in the west of the Netherlands. After her studies in Arizona, USA she has worked for the CNN Travel News Department.

Now she advises corporate and small businesses with their PR, Communications and social media. Besides writing she loves to travel, to organize dinner and tea partys, photographing or nature walks.

She runs her blog “30s Magazine” since 2011.

What is your name and blog‘s or business‘ name?
I’m Louise de Miranda, based in the Netherlands and my blog is called 30s Magazine, an abbreviation for 30-something, because I am myself in my thirties and I target 30-40 year old women in particular.
What is your blog about? Is that your profession or a hobby?
My blog is a lifestyle blog. Daily I curate life’s little luxuries for the thirty-somethings who like to instill style in their everyday life. 30’s Magazine is about celebrating and savouring the best things in life: From jetting off to design hotels, to opting for exclusivity instead of trends in your home décor. I share my personally tried and tested travel notes, design conscious shopping tips, timeless interior design ideas, and favourite restaurants. But there is also room for the simple luxuries in life, like a walk in nature or trying a new recipe.
What was your favourite book (or magazine) as a child?
I loved a Dutch book series called ‚The Jolly Twins“ by Arja Peters about two twin girls who had all of these adventures. The series consists of books from 1958 till 1997.
What is your favourite magazine today?
That’s a hard question because there are more. I like The Simple Things Magazine, but I’m also fond of Dutch luxury interiors magazine Residence and the Australian Vogue Living. Each of them feeds another part of my versatile personality.
What is your home page when opening the browser?
Facebook. I have many international family members and friends, so first thing I do when I wake up is check how everyone is doing. It is still the easiest way to stay connected.
What is your favourite Social Media Platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, …)?
Instagram is currently my favourite. Although I don’t post a lot, I love to look at others‘ feeds to get inspired for my blog and interior styling.
One thing you love and one thing you hate!
I love travel, can’t imagine life without it, and I hate judgemental people. Live and let live and respect diversity.
What have you contributed to sisterMAG?
So far I contributed to pieces: an interview with the founders of the urban jungle bloggers community, and an interview and the interior home photography of Foodbandits.

What‘s your favourite article/feature in sisterMAG?
I always like the new apps I get introduced to in Sister Mag.
What is your suggestion for our magazine (category, feature, technology, …)?
I would love to see an interiors feature in each issue whether that be a home, hotel or restaurant.

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#sisterMAG12 is live!

We don’t want to loose too many words but wanted to tell you here on the blog as well: the new sisterMAG issue – Number 12 for spring 2014 – is live!! (Exactly 2 months after Number 11 which is an absolute first for us *hehe*).

We really hope that you’ll like our floral-filled issue, because we worked really hard on finishing up every feature. In the end we bring you a colourful potpourri – or perhaps better a very colourful flowerbed :) of articles focussing on the topics of coffee, candy-coloured jackets and coats, interior design for young families, beauty highlights on great nails and ideal skin and much more. It is definitely filled with many goodies and downloads for you!

We also want to thank all the contributors who worked on this issue. We will introduce you to many of them during the next weeks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore we want to thank the helpers of the last few days who worked day and (!) night on the finalising the new issue, tagging the documents and linking like crazy: Cris, Laura, Tina & Sandra!

Yours, Toni, Alex & Thea

P.S. Something new: You can pin all the pictures of our issue on a special “sisterMAG N°12″ Board on Pinterest. We hope that this makes it even easier for you to save our inspirations!

essie Fashion Shoot #sisterMAG11 – Hannah, Alexandra & Sara

As I had described in my last blogpost about the essie Fashion Shooting, this time there were much more people involved than usually. What we especially liked was the fact that we invited six different fashion bloggers and they didn’t just come from Berlin but from Darmstadt, Cologne, Stockholm etc.


On Friday we welcomed Hannah (Blog Pink Gold Glam), Alexandra (Instagram @asjafashionlover) and Sara (Tumblr Haute Trendencies). I had never seen the three of them in person. With Hannah we had been briefly in contact because of an interview on the OMA PR blog. Alexandra and Sara however I really only knew from Instagram. The three had agreed right away to model for us after I had written them a message.


Luckily enough I had the pleasure to spend time with each one of them as I picked them up from the train station or the airport and we talked about their jobs, blogging, instagram and virtual friendships. When I added up all the “deliveries” of that day, I realized why I had so much time with them: I had driven 120 km through Berlin on that day :)!

The three looks were very different. Whereas Hannah and Sara had two nail polish colours that were very light and gold (Peak of Chic on Hannah and Hors d’Oeuvres in combination with Sugar Daddy on Sara), Alexandra presented “Belugaria”, one of the signature colours of the collection in dark black. Our mom Evi had created two skirts (a pleated skirt with silver paint and a very lofty layered skirt) and a wonderfully comfortable short dress with embellishments on the top. You can find the patterns in our issue or just click in the text above.


Thank you so much again for taking part in our shooting. We hope you had as much fun as we did with you!
Tomorrow we’ll publish the last part of our shooting, featuring Lydia, Magdalena and Sarah.

P.S. Hannah also talked about the experience on her blog. You can read her post here.


Photos: Cristopher Santos

6 Bloggers and 6 Colours – essie Fashion Shooting for sisterMAG N°11

In January 2014 we asked 6 different women to spend one day with us in the photo studio of British photographer Zoe Noble in Berlin Neukölln. The goal of the day: Each fashion blogger was styled by Evi and with this outfit she interpreted one of six colours of essie’s Encrusted collection.

“Encrusted” really is the right word for the different shades from essie: whether it is ‘Peak of Chic’ or ‘On a silver platter’ – each nailpolish creates a 3D effect on the nails with shiny particles, mini sequins and shiny silver or gold components.

For us at sisterMAG the essie shooting definitely was a challenge when it came to organisation and logistics. 6 bloggers from all over Germany and Stockholm, 3 stylists with assistants, 2 photographers, nail artist etc. had to be coordinated, so that we could spend two separate days in the studio. We had a lot of fun, met lovely people and laughed a lot. You can see the results of the shooting in #sisterMAG11. Below I’ve put together a few pictures, concentrating on the crew and our team. In the next days we’ll talk a little more about the looks.


And we want to hear your feedback! How did you like the shooting? Which colour would you like best with your outfit?
Have a lovely day and many greetings from Berlin!
Yours, Thea & Toni

Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Photo: Cristopher Santos Photography
Hannah while styling

Alle Bilder: Cristopher Santos